DGT Gear


I am proud to announce the creation and startup of what will be the next great American gear company, “DGTgear”. That’s right all “Man Gear” all the time!
Hang on to your ball cap- and hop on board a website experience like no other and is about to get extreme!

The foundation of our company has already established a firm foothold for innovative design and quality control in a very competitive gear market. We control everything from conception to getting it in the hands of the customer
When we talk about gear at our daily meetings we aren’t just throwing around the ideas of backpacks and camping gear. We are running balls-to-the-wall gathering the best straight razors, lighting equipment, survival tools, emergency medical packs and everything else for your everyday trip through this magnificent life of ours!
After a great amount of planning, dedication of funds and laying the ground work we are ready to press the “Go” button.

We have been the brain trust in design and manufacturing for a large number of iconic gear bundles and accessories for the common and…not-so-common, “Man”. We are linked up with some of the best companies on the planet. All leaders in the industry.

They have decided to partner with us to get you the best tactical, survival and prep gear on the market. Everything you will see on DGTgear is top shelf, proven and sought after by professionals around the world.

We have assembled the best of the best. Along with our close-knit circle of machinists, designers, craftsmen and cool gear “snoopers”, we’ve teamed up with the top 10% of gear providers to allow you “One-Stop” shopping.

Whether you are looking for extreme weather gear, a kickass hand forged razor, raingear or the best fire starter on the planet- we are going to do the dirty work and find it for you. No nonsense, no bullshit. Stuff that works at a price that you can afford.

What are you waiting for? Become a part of the team.

Welcome to the family that is “DGTgear”.